The Shirt

The Story

What began as a dream to bring a meaningful product to market has become more than that. It has evolved into a desire to create quality apparel, not only in the fabric and stitch but also in the care and treatment of workers involved in every part of the supply chain.

We have radical transparency with our production process to ensure those wearing Burke and Bowen apparel that no one is taken advantage of during the creation of each piece. We believe in sustainability, which is why we love the Supima Cotton we work with; however, if it is not also sustainable for the workers, we will not consider it sustainable clothing.

In response to apparel and fabric coming in as the second most at-risk product of modern-day slavery, we have created a 100% made-in-America shirt with a traceable process from the farm to the factory to our closet.

This shirt is not our end all be all. It is our beginning. Will you join us?


Pre-Order the Shirt

When we open the pre-order, you will be able to order the shirt before it is officially released. There will be limited time to place your order, so order fast! With the nature of a pre-order, the shipping times will be delayed. These will not reflect our in-stock shipping times. However, we plan to say thank you in a unique way to those of you who pre-order our shirt!

For more information please see our Pre-Order Page.


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Our Sourcing

We source with the people who will be making our products in mind. If it is not sustainable for the workers growing our cotton, knitting our fabric, or sewing our apparel, then it is not sustainable clothing.

Our products are made 100% in the USA, which provides radical transparency in our supply chain, affording us many benefits. The two main ones are clarity in the treatment of employees along our supply chain and the belief that you, the end consumer, deserve to know each step of the process for the piece you are purchasing. You can know where Burke and Bowens' apparel is made, from the farm to the factory to the closet.

If a company is selling you a product made from the hands of modern-day slaves, you deserve to know that. Likewise, if a company is offering you apparel intentionally crafted with the care of humanity in mind, you deserve to know that too.

Check out our map below to see our supply chain process.


Fit, Style and Comfort

We intentionally designed this shirt with comfort and style in mind. It has a distinctive drop shoulder design with extra space through the torso. It is quality in design, stitch, fabric, and the care of those who were involved in making it.


About Supima Cotton and Jersey Fabric

Our shirts are a Jersey fabric made of Supima Cotton. Jersey is a tight-knit soft material predominantly used for apparel. In 1916 Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel, the founder of Chanel, disrupted the fashion industry by introducing Jersey fabrics into her line, and today it is a quality fabric widely used for apparel.

Supima Cotton is grown on family-owned farms in the USA. It is premium cotton with an extra-long staple fiber, longer than standard Pima or traditional cotton. Traditional cotton has shorter fibers, which produces rougher and less durable apparel. Supima cotton creates a more durable and softer fabric that retains color longer than other types of cotton fabrics because of its extra-long staple fiber.

Not only is Supima Cotton superior in the quality of the fabric it produces, but it is grown in such a way by farmers that care for the earth and the people utilizing it. Supima Cotton and its farmers have set global standards for ethical and environmental cotton. This cotton is zero-waste and offers transparency and traceability in the supply chain with forensic science analysis.

That is why we chose Supima Cotton Jersey.