Who We Are

Since 2020, we've been charting a path to create ethical and traceable clothing made here in the United States.

We started with a dream to bring a product to market that mattered. With so many products flooding the marketplace, we knew we had to stand out, not merely to be different, but because we were truly making a difference.

We reject the idea of creating mediocre products, so we set out to create something with intention, thought, care, and attention to detail.

We came across the atrocity of modern-day slavery and unethical labor in fabric and clothing production and decided to solve that problem. Starting from scratch, learning to sew in a little downtown apartment in Lynchburg, Virginia, we maneuvered our way forward until finding ourselves with a plan to create ethical and traceable clothing; made in the United States.

We concluded that if it is not sustainable for the workers, it is not sustainable apparel. We decided not to hand-sew our products, but we stuck with the plan. All Burke and Bowen apparel is 100% made in America, from the farm to the finished product.

We want this new path we are forging to be one that others can follow, one that creates a world where ethical apparel will be the norm, not the exception. Burke and Bowen is challenging the current status quo and raising the bar on what it means to consider apparel ethical.

Our names are Theo and Zach. Two friends, leaving the world better than how we found it.

We are thrilled to announce that our first installment of Burke and Bowen, The Essential Ethical Shirt, is dropping soon.