• A new brand has come, merging the resilience of the human spirit and the pioneers' vision for a better future.

    In response to the garment industry being the 2nd most at-risk industry of modern-day slavery, Theo Burtis and Zachary Duncan launched Burke and Bowen. You can trace each garment from the farm to the finished piece, all in the USA.

    Crafted from American-grown cotton, quality fabrics, and a unique perspective on classic pieces with a commitment to a new future.

    In a time where out of sight and out of mind create the shadows in which evil thrives, Theo and Zach are forging a new path.

    Inspired by the men who fought the longest boxing match in history: Jack Burke and Andy Bowen at 110 rounds. Burke broke every bone in each of his hands, was bedridden for 6-weeks, and still resisted retirement. Bowen died in the ring four matches later.

    Those men embodied the tenacity, perseverance, and resilience of the human spirit.

    Evil may know no bounds, but the resilience of the human spirit remains unmatched.

    Thus, BURKE & BOWEN.

    Zachary Duncan & Theo Burtis