September 22, 2022

The Ethical Clothing Brand Burke and Bowen Plans to Launch with 100% Traceability From Seed to Stitch

The Essential Ethical Shirt by Burke and Bowen
This direct-to-consumer ethical clothing brand envisions a world where you no longer have to choose between your conscience and your style, allowing consumers to shop for quality apparel and not leave feeling guilty.

Where a lack of transparency fuels unethical labor, Burke and Bowen is charting a new path: one where consumers can know where their clothes are made, every step of the way. Burke and Bowens' products are made 100% in the U.S. from the farm to the finished product affording radical transparency and traceability. Burke and Bowens' supply chain is currently visible online.

Burke and Bowen plans to launch with a pre-order of their first installment: The Essential Ethical Shirt. Designed with style and fit in mind, the shirts are made from sustainable Supima Cotton grown in California, the fabric is milled in South Carolina, and sewn in a shop in Delaware. This shirt bodes quality in every facet.

Burke and Bowen plans to expand into entirely traceable lines of fashion with the entire process from seed to stitch taking place in the U.S. Burke and Bowen is building a brand that challenges the current status quo of what is acceptable in the fashion industry. Appropriately named after the longest boxing match in history between Jack Burke and Andy Bowen, such perseverance and resilience resembled in that match, and those men embody the brand of Burke and Bowen.
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